SubieFest – it’s an all out Subaru extravaganza that was on October 10th this year, in Rosamond, California. Each year it gets more and more impressive, and this year it was no disappointment. Eric Hsu, of Beyond the Dyno (now MotoIQ), attended this year and caught a few interesting pictures to show of some pretty quick and unique Subarus. More pictures and video if you click on “Read More”! Photos by Eric Hsu.

[Source: MotoIQ]

Last Saturday I made it up to Subiefest to check out the Subaru world. These days I don’t have much time to make it out to all the events so usually need to double up on reasons to justify going. ¬†Since Ben is in town from the UK and we are working on the ¬†ECPro ECU for the EVO X, I figured it would be a great opportunity to check out the Suby scene and do some data logging on the way. Ben has a genuine interest in Subies coming from his past job at Prodrive as a WRC head engine development engineer so he wanted to check out the US Suby scene as well.