Eric Hsu at Beyond The Dyno shares this Specialty-Z built 300ZX Twin Turbo build on his website with a few thoughts of his own. This 300ZX is a monster, with twin GT3071 turbochargers, a wealth of supporting parts, and a good tune. The results are well over 1000HP at the wheels, a true sleeper because from the outside, it looks almost stock. Click here for the full description!

I’d love to have a Z32 one of these days. I still have fond memories of the Z32 even though I haven’t driven one in a long while. Back in the day when I was 20 (circa 1993), Jeff the Tokyo Pimp and I did several Z32 NA and TTs with 150 shots of direct port nitrous. Those were my first experiences with involuntary lane changes and smoking tires at 80mph.